Residential Landscaping & Property Maintenance Services

When you choose Bay 2 Bay Landscaping you receive exceptional service and results on day one. From concept to completion Bay 2 Bay Property Maintenance specializes in high quality, large-scale and multifaceted residential landscapes.





Landscape Design/Installation

Let us help you transform your vision into reality. Our passionate staff members can help you with the planning process through completion. Our resources bring you unbeatable prices and conform to the standards for Florida No. 1 or better as given in grades and standards for nursery plants. 

Schedule an appointment with our office 727-771-3286 to have an experienced professional come to your resident and provide a free quote based on your specific needs. You will be able to go over different options available and decide what you want and what works for your budget.

Landscape Maintenance

A manicured lawn speaks volumes and increases the property value of your home. Schedule an appointment with our office 727-771-3286 to have an experienced professional come to your resident and provide a free quote based on your specific needs. You will be able to go over different options available and decide what you want and what works for your budget. 

We currently provide Maintenance services for Westchase, Oldsmar, Eastlake, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Dunedin.

Landscape Maintenance Services Include


Blades are freshly changed every day so that there is no ripping of the grass while preform the service and cut at the height most beneficial for your lawn. Clippings and cuttings created will be mulched up with mower or removed from property as work is performed.

Line Trimming

Grass around trees, posts, fences, dumpsters, and other obstacles will be line trimmed.


Each cutting will include edging of all roadways, walkways, streets bordering the property, and patios. Edging of planter beds to redefine turf areas with an appropriate edger.

Blowing Off

Mowed areas will be blown clean of mow clippings the same day as the cut is performed.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges, shrubs, and ornamental plants will be sheared and pruned to maintain plant shape and size according to their growth pattern.

Weed Preventative

Spray beds and hard surface cracks with a post and pre-emergent herbicide to kill weeds. (pre-emergent where sprayable). Hand pull weeds as needed in flower beds.

Tree Pruning

Maintain lateral line height of tree canopies below 12’ depending on tree locations and species

Plant Removal

Dead plant material will be removed once plant is determined to not be salvageable. If a proposal to remove plant material is required, one will be provided prior to removal of said plant.

Irrigation Repair

Serving residential and commercial clients in the Bay area. Bay 2 Bay has experienced irrigation technicians to diagnose your irrigation needs. We use the industry’s top brands to help with smart water conservation. By using these brands Rain bird, Hunter, Toro this saves the client money in the long run and helps to protect our environment. Fixing old systems or poorly installed ones have the peace of mind your system will operate smoothly for many years to come. Honesty and reliability are how we have survived for years and look forward to helping you, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

Benefits of a professional system:

Increased Property Value

With a fully functioning system, your yard will be beautiful green and draw attention to the property. It allows peace of mind that maintaining the watering program is effortless.

Reduced Water Bill

A properly working irrigation system can dramatically reduce your water bill also conserving water. There are many options to help reduce water usage that an experienced irrigation tech can go over. The expense of not having to replace plants and sod is a bonus.


A properly working underground automated system will save countless hours throughout the year. Instead of dragging a house around the yard over watering in areas and under in others. You have time to enjoy your yard and relax in it.


An automated system properly programmed will help save on countless gallons of water per year. Systems can be programmed easily for droughts and conservation times to use less water. No need for wastewater on asphalt and driveways. Systems can be programmed to halt watering during rainfall. Systems are best to go off over night while temperatures are cooler, and water is absorbed into the ground instead of evaporating during the day saving on water usage drastically.

Irrigation Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent and stopping problems before the arise and keeping a yard healthy and green. With regular maintenance a technician can identify areas where you could conserve water and energy. You can rest assured your lawn will be functioning correctly, environmentally friendly and cost effective. By investing in a maintenance program, you can end up saving money by lowering the risk of expensive repairs in the future and reducing utility bills. Our quarterly program will make sure your sprinkler system is functioning smooth and the most efficient way possible. We offer homeowners a variety of maintenance packages designed to optimize the performance of your irrigation system for all seasons. We are glad to work with you to develop a maintenance plan that is designed for your needs.

Membership Includes

What to expect with maintenance plan

Irrigation system information

What is water conservation?

Managing the irrigation system in the best way to provide adequate water without unnecessary water usage. Also using industries leading products to achieve this goal. Routine adjustments to your system through the year will keep your property looking nice while helping the environment. We will make sure you are watering the right amount and the right times of day.

Why we prefer using 6" pop up spray heads?

Most properties have lawns that need to be cut at 4 1/2″ to 5″ heights. The 6″ spray heads ensure the water gets above the blades of grass to reach all necessary areas.

Do you have a rain sensor?

Rain sensors are required by law. They help to save water by interrupting any automatic cycles scheduled after enough accumulation of rain has occurred.

Will I be able to operate my sprinkler system?

Our irrigation technicians will walk you through how to operate your system with ease. Your controller will be customized to fit your specific yards needs. Should you have trouble membership includes priority scheduling making it easy and quick to get your problem solved quickly.

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$37.95 month or $375.99 annually

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